Sep 3, 2017
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25th Birthday Punch

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I’m turning 25 next week and I just realised that I’ve never had a black eye in my life. That’s good because.. well.. I’ve never been punched in my face. Stomach, shoulders, chest, yes. Not the face.

I asked a couple of my closest friends to punch me and they both refused. I begged and they refused. Who does one turn to when everyone else declines your request? I asked my little sister. It’s worth noting that she punches like Mike Tyson despite her little physique.

Me: Punch me hard enough to bruise.

Her: *Immediately jumping off the couch with zeal* For real?! You know I’ll do it!

Me: Yea, dude. Gof for it. Full force. Don’t give me any of that gentle bullshit.

her: *with a psychotic grin on her face* Like this? *punches me hard enough to make the back of my head hurt from my brain bouncing inside my skull*

With a bruised face, I must confess two things.

1 – I’m glad to see that my sister can punch that hard. Too hard, perhaps.

2 – That was the most idiotic request ever.


My cheek hurts.

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Sam Iam

I’m dying xD
That’s hilarious 😀

Sam Iam

I wish someone had recorded it xD

Ellie Mitchell

Looolll love it! wait, this isn’t borderline abuse, is it? you literally asked for it..

Seuthes Thrax

Sick, but also in the bad way : D

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