Nov 10, 2017
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Are smoothies healthy?

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Smoothies became popular few years ago and many people drink them without a real order or a knowledge. Only one wrong step is enough to turn your healthy smoothie meal into one unhealthy, full of sugar and calories. If you are not sure if you are doing it right when it’s about the smoothies, check this article and correct your mistakes (if you are making them)

Rules about drinking smoothie

– Do not drink your smoothie for the breakfast. Your stomach needs some time to absorb it and the best time is to drink is in the middle of two meals with 2 hours difference.

– Do not eat smoothie after 6 pm. Why? Because your body needs some time to absorb it and if you are doing it in the evening, your metabolism is slower and will not save all good ingredients. That means you put your effort, squeezed all the fruits for, literally, nothing.

– You should not throw away any pulp! Pulp has all vitamins you need and if you throw it away, you will probably drink just sugar, which is not the purpose of smoothies.

– You should not make your smoothie and drink it the whole day, but also should not drink it in 10 minutes. Give your body time to take in all the elements and process it correctly. The best would be if you can drink it within one hour.

Vegans, for example, say that smoothies are not healthy at all as people think they are. They point out this moment when you are drinking fastly something which is supposed to be eaten. That is why there might be an issue if you drink your smoothie too fast.

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Steps to make smoothie healthy

– Do not put too many fruits in one smoothie. If you do, there will be too much sugar in one place as fruit produces sugar. If you prefer fruit smoothie then better use berries as they have less sugar than, for example, orange and it’s quite healthy. If you want to make your smoothie full of vitamins, then use green vegetable – spinach, broccoli, avocado, for example – they are going great when it comes to mixing with fruits.

On the other side, it is better to at least drink a smoothie than not to take a fruit at all. It’s hard to know who has the right but at least we can be more careful on how we are using smoothies.

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