Jul 3, 2017
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Cheering someone up when you don’t know them too well

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A friend has been feeling down and there seems to be nothing you can say that will cheer them up. You decide to get them a small gift, just to show them someone cares, but what do you get them?

First, you think you’ll get a small and cute stuffed toy, but you don’t know what kind they’ll be into, and do you go full Disney or just some generic animal? What size? How much are you willing to pay?

Never mind the toy, get a book! But books are so personal, what if they already have this book? Or what if they hate it?

Chocolate? They’ve been trying a diet, but who cares? Everybody likes chocolate, it’s never wrong to give someone chocolate… Right? Sooo.. What type of chocolate?

Never mind, a hug will suffice.

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