Jun 17, 2017
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Common words in anime and their meanings!

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10 common words that are used in anime and their meanings!

Hey so I recently got into anime and i thought to myself, ‘why not make a post about common words/phrases in anime?’ and so i did here are my top 10 words that commonly appear in anime!

  1. Umami: This word shows up a lot in animes related to cooking and stuff like Food Wars (shokugeki no souma). What it means is a taste that can be described as savory or meaty.
  2. Kawaii: Literally meaning cute or adorable.
  3. Akuma: Satan or devil, usually used figuratively.
  4. Korosu: to kill, other words for it are korosareta (Past tense) and korose (a threat or an order like)
  5. Neko: A cat (not necessarily a real one in anime)
  6. Arigato: Although a basic Japanese word some might not what it means, and if you are one of them it means thanks (do yourself a favour and watch anime, you’re welcome soon you’ll be trapped with me)
  7. Mahou: magic, magic spell
  8. Daijoubu: O.K. most used when in anime a character asks another about his health.
  9. nani: What
  10.  And the inevitable number 10, Hentai: A perverse/lewd person (but that’s only the meaning of the word if you know what i mean;)

Hope you enjoyed, remember to comment and share!

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