Nov 6, 2017
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Facial Routine 101

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Advices to girls with combination skin

I was 11 years old when I first asked my mom if I could have my own daily routine like she did. She told me that I was too young for such thing and my baby skin wouldn’t need any chemicals so let’s just wait another few years.

I’m still thanking her today for that, I really didn’t need any artificial products at that age. As time went by and more of my friends from school started to wear makeup or have teenage acne ( including me) I decided to look up a few beauty vloggers on Youtube to find  out what could be beneficial for me. Though my routine still has the same steps now years after my first try it has changed quite a lot for the good.

If you’re someone like me who has a combination skin you probably know that it’s the hardest thing to find products that are perfectly good for you. All articles suggest products for oily, problematic, dry or sensitive skin but once you have a bit of everything, you’re facing a challenge. I’m no expert on the topic but tried quite a lot of products available ont he European market so my experience may be somewhat helpful for you too.

I always start with washing off the daily make-up. Though I’m against the thick mask some people call „make-up”, I do like using products that enhance my positive features. Don’t ever use only water to remove foundation, it simply can’t do the job well enough. You’ll have leftover dust in your pores that will cause clogging – and you want to avoid that. I prefer to use my  Garnier micellar water. I did try Nivea’s and dm’s own ones but they felt a bit sticky after, that my Garnier didn’t. It’s a wallet-friendly drugstore brand I highly recommend.

The next step is is toning. I made some big mistakes when looking for the right toner. You need to try more in order to find out what alcohol level your skin can tolerate because  if it’s too much alcohol in the product it will dry your skin out as hell. If you’re just a tiny bit into skin care you must have heard about the Clinique 3-steps program. I found that their toner works the best for me. It’s on the pricier side but I’ve tried so many awful toners ( okay, I must admit that I was using them for too long and to often) that just made my skin worse. I have an oily T-zone that reacts great for alcohol at first… but after a few weeks my skin started to produce more oil because of the dryness so I ended up with an even shinier T-zone… So my advise is to experiment with different ones. A good toner is worth the investment!

For moisturizing I used to think creams were the best. This was until I found out that gels are also available on the market. I’ve tried GiGi’s gel first and never moved on to another one. It’s perfect for those who -like me- feels odd putting a thick cream onto an already oily area. The gel I’m using now is very smoothing and doesn’t leave a strange layer on my forehead but still hydrates it. I love it! I recommend it to everybody with oily and combined skin. It’s not too expensive but can be hard to find if you live outside of the Central European region.


One thing is sure, there aren’t 2 people with the same skin. We all need to find the products that fit us the best.


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