Jun 13, 2017
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Golden Retriever vs. Labrador Retriever – Comparison

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When you look at these two types of dogs, you will say they are quite similar. They are the same size and temperament, but still, there is a lot of difference you should know about.

When you look at these two types of dogs, you will say they are quite similar. They are the same size and temperament, but still, there is a lot of difference you should know about. A lot of people would say they are incredibly similar – you can tell it by their athleticism, intelligence, even similar personality but still, there is a difference.

Labs are usually muscular build, and water-resistant coat, when it comes to a head, it is usually broad with pronounced eyebrows. Golden ones have folded ears, water-repellent coats, longer snout and smiling expression. Labs are heavier and live shorter than golden ones. About 12 years maximum.


We can say that there is a variety of both of them. Golden ones come in a variety of shades. You can find them in creamy blonde version to almost red one. Labs come in yellow, black and chocolate.

Activity level of both breeds

We can say that both of these breeds are members of the sporting group. They are built to be active, and they usually are. They can follow you in any activity that you want, from swimming, running or retrieving games.

Health and Wellness

There is an interesting fact about health concerns both breed shares similar diseases and health issues. Both of breeds share obesity and high cancer risk, and they also can suffer ear infections or hip dysplasia. However, labs are prone to an abnormality of eyelids or malformation of knees. When they become older, that becomes affected by partially paralyzes of the voice box. Don’t be surprised if your dog starts barking with muffled bark. On the other hand, your golden ones often suffer from elbow dysplasia, and this is a consequence of the abnormal growth of elbow joint. They also can have seizures, different kind of them. Or they can have skin issues like hot spots.


When it comes to grooming, both of breeds needs a regular one. Labs are well known as notorious shedders, and golden ones are on the other hand famous by its luxurious coats. Both of them have two big shed a year, and so-called double coats.


Price depends on different facts. Labs are slightly expensive, and average price is from usually $900 to $1500, while the situation with Goldens is from $800 to $1200. There is another option, and it is cheaper. It’s called adopting or rescuing of the breed.

If you look at these parameters above you will notice that these two breeds are pretty much similar and the question how to choose the best one for you stays open and unanswered. The thing is that you cannot choose it by following these things. You need to feel it inside of you. You need to spend some time to see if your temperament is matching with theirs. Both of these breeds are a little bit goofy, and you need to accept them the way they are. In most cases, people make complaints regarding their behavior when they are still puppies. They are too goofy and cheerful. Yes, you heard it well, they are too cheerful.

It is why we recommend you to spend some time with your future pet just to be sure that this is the right choice for you, and that you will be able to handle it. Both of them are an excellent choice if you have children they will be a perfect dog to entertain them and make them be positive and occupy at the same time. They will become a family member, and you will spoil it the most. They are both favorites among children.

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