Nov 10, 2017
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How working abroad and traveling can change your life

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Do you know this old expression – collect memories, not things? If you are one of those who is calculating is it better to buy clothes or to travel, this is the right place for you. Why? Because I will try to show you why traveling but also work abroad always should be the first on your list.

What can happen on your journey?

Are you afraid that you can break a leg, be kidnapped or robbed? Of course, you can, but you can be all that in your city as well! You should be careful, of course, but did you think about all the people you can meet? They can make you change your way of thinking and also change your previous life plan, they can be your future great friends or even colleagues, business partners or employees. That’s not all!

While working or just traveling abroad maybe you will find a place where you just want to move and stay for good. Sounds crazy, right? That happened to some of my friends and this is not just some fairytale!

Don’t be afraid of locations you haven’t seen before. If you are scared that you can be lost, be aware that you cannot get lost if you have a map with you. If you don’t have it, and even if you get lost, you will again find a way to go back. There is always a way!

What should you know about traveling before you actually go?

Fact 1 – Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Do not search for excuses, you don’t have to stay in some fancy hotel, check Couchsurfing or Airbnb, pack your things and go, meet, learn, explore!

Fact 2 – Are you worried and stressed in your daily life? Traveling is good for your health, for reducing stress, forgetting about your personal problems, traveling teach you about yourself and your boundaries.

Fact 3 – It helps you to accept diversities, different cultures and to avoid discrimination. Once you will share the food, day and the life with different people, you will realize what is actually true about their life

Fact 4 – You will develop your own skills – you will be better in planning your time, but also more careful, independent and brave in new situations

Fact 5 – you will appreciate money more than now but in the same time you will realize that it’s not that hard to earn some money

Fact 6 – you will for sure appreciate your home and family more than you did before.

Fact 7 – when you come back, you will never be the same because this will change your life completely. You will put yourself on a test and you will see clearly what you want and what you don’t want

Do not forget!

Never forget that never is late to travel and experience something different. Be aware that you don’t need to travel to some exotic destination to feel all of this. Any change from your current location can work and any change and leave your comfort zone will make you grow faster. Does it happen to you also? What experience changed your life?

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