Feb 10, 2018
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It ain’t awkward!

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I’ve been noticing people using the word ‘awkward’ far too much. A bit of eye contact with a stranger – ‘awkward.’  Running into an old acquaintance – ‘awkward.’ A moment of silence while hanging out with other people – ‘awkward.’

NO! That’s not awkward. Not every second needs to be filled by meaningless banter. It’s perfectly fine to have a moment of silence during which you can recollect your thoughts. It’s absolutely normal to be slightly uncomfortable in the presence of other people. The second you label a moment as awkward it becomes just that – awkward. You unnecessarily place yourself in a mental state of discomfort from which you want to escape. Let go of the burden of this discomfort and just flow with the moment. Take it easy. It ain’t awkward.

In short, please, let’s make a conscious effort to stop using the word ‘awkward.’ It just makes things awkward for everyone.

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