Jun 18, 2017
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New games to come out at E3 everyone is looking forward to

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Games that were revealed at E3 that everyone is hyped for (pt.1/2)


  1. Life is Strange: Beyond the Storm- A prequel to Life is strange it gives more details about the backstory and tells us more about the characters and what they experienced
  2. Beyond Good and Evil 2- Another prequel however this one talks about old earth superpowers (India and China) which lead the colonization efforts largely because they have created these hybrid animal slaves. It also starts you off a s a nobody and as then the game develops you become a space legend, it also allows you to travel from planet to planet system to system even in online play.
  3. Far Cry 5-  A game about a radical christian man who takes men and boys from their homes to help him, they have to fight for him and be his slaves. He calls himself their father ther rescuer and helper you as the protagonist have to help take him down and his regime.
  4. Star Wars: Battlefront 2- An amazing Star Wars game, the 4th game in the series that is now actually from the Dark side’s view of the war.
  5. Call of Duty: WW2- An all boots on ground CoD game about WW2 were you as a player have to fight against the axis powers in (pure speculation) France mainly and start of at Normandy beach, playing as (in mentioned in the trailer) A Texan who joined the war effort and got into “the bloody firsts” and an unknown soldier in the 21st.
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