Dec 24, 2017
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Poetry Jamming Session, Vol. I

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The sea in autumn is a powerful thing.

“Life without your love seems worthless,
but darling, you seem quite heartless.
The sailor craves for wind at sea,
but winds turn to storms and fury.

The story goes as follows: know
of the sea captain with a soul,
and his greatest love, Nereid,
a nymph that the sea embodied.
Her need and thirst for love was great,
and her grace – unmatched to this date.

The skipper granted her his heart,
holiness seen in lover’s art.
Yet could a warm heart suffice,
for the vast sea as cold as ice?
His heart was by the waves consumed,
his empty soul – forever doomed.

This lover’s ship now roams forlorn,
his lost love – forever to mourn.
No harbour awaits his ship’s course,
struck with grief, sorrow and remorse.
His aimless voyage – thrust by waves,
waves with which she still enslaves…”

Seuthes Thrax

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Seuthes Thrax

Poet, author, dreamer.

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