Jul 24, 2017
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The Easy Guide To Always Getting a ‘YES!’

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There are very few sounds in the world that are as good as the sweet ring of a ‘yes!’ The way to get a person to say it, however, isn’t always smooth and easy. You might have to work hard for it, and sacrifices may be required. But, God, what a lovely sound that syllable makes!

So, how do we get it, you ask?

The easiest way to get a person to say “yes” is by satisfying their desires (or, if time is a limiting factor, showing that you know what their desires are, and giving the impression that you can satisfy them). This is because as much as we would like to think otherwise, people act primarily out of self-interest,  and the less they know you, the more they will act of self-interest.

What are their desires? Take your pick:

  • Recognition
  • Remuneration
  • Rejuvenation
  • Romance
  • Relaxation
  • Relief
  • Results
  • Revenge – it’s best not to get near that one.

If someone were to try to convince you of something, which of your desires should they focus on, and why? Think about it and make a list of 3-5 things, and ask yourself why. This will help you better understand why people want the things they want. Take your time with this one.

What are the golden words to make YOU say ‘yes’?

Here are some other tools you can use:

A personal, handwritten note. In this day and age, it’s so rare to write letters by hand when we can e-mail, or leave notes when we can send an IM. Imagine how meaningful it would be to the other person to receive a handwritten note. It’s a very unique gesture with a very personal touch – use it well!

Appropriate physical touch. This is a tricky one, actually. You don’t want to invade other people’s personal space, especially not when you need them to like you as much as possible. A firm handshake is great. If you can touch their shoulder or elbow mid-conversation – that’s good, but it’s better to not risk it if they don’t look like the type who wouldn’t mind it.

Be direct. Don’t go on for ages with an introduction to what you need. A few words will suffice. Saying what you need early on in the conversation will give it more time to sink in and thus increasing the chances for a ‘yes.’ Moreover, asking early would also give you more time to justify your request throughout the conversation. Practice a few times beforehand. Record yourself. It might feel awkward but it’s better to feel awkward for a few seconds than disappointed by a ‘no.’

It’s not difficult to convince people to agree with you. Just show them how rational your argument is, or how easy it is to say ‘yes’. Remember to focus on their needs and their interest.

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