Nov 10, 2017
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The reasons why you should slow down with green tea

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I bet you read many reasons why is green tea good for your health but do you know anything about green tea being harmful to your body? The thing is that with this tea you need to be strict, otherwise it can cause many health problems. If you don’t know anything about it, this is the right article for you.

Green tea is indeed good for detox, cholesterol, skin, blood system, immunity, but also depression, heart, and many other things. That doesn’t mean that you will speed up the process if you drink few liters per day, on the contrary, if you do that, you will have contra effects! To avoid this, check what you should know before drinking a hot green tea.

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How to prepare a green tea?

– First of all, do not prepare it in boiled water! If you do, it will lose all positive aspects. You should prepare it in water which is around 80 degrees. How to know when it reaches 80 degrees? If you are using an electric kettle, just turn it off when you see bubbles – that should be enough temperature.

– Do not keep a tea bag in hot water more than 3 minutes – it affects its ingredients. For other teas, the rule is to keep a tea bag for 5 or 10 minutes but many people keep it until they drink the whole tea, which is completely wrong and at this point, your tea is nothing but some kind of poison for you.

– How many cups can you drink per day? There is a rule that you should not drink more than 1L of green tea per day, however, many statistics said you should not drink even more than one cup. It contains caffeine and it is not healthy at all to drink it the whole day – it can cause stress and insomnia.


Green tea is often known as a method of fighting against cancer but if you do not follow these rules he can actually be a cause of cancer. Also, green tea blocks calcium from food can be a cause of osteoporosis but also anemia and in very rare cases, hepatitis. I am sure you do not want to make some troubles to your health, therefore start following these steps provided and you will not have any issues!

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Seuthes Thrax

Excellent advice – green tea is something to be enjoyed with measure. For those who nevertheless need their litre-or-more tea per day, I can recommend herbal tea, such as that from thyme, melissa and marjoram leaves.

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